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to revert to your texas voice. >> the last time i saw my brother, we had an immense fight. it was in his house in san antonio, i am describing, the book opens with this fight. this is sort of a picture of my brother at this exact moment. there are always apples around him, women, too. apple pie, big sheik antique bowls of wooden apples, read and golden, apples pencils, produce framed on the library wall, texas vegetables from the rio grand empire. i am an american first, then a texan he would say not understanding he sounded like auggi march. the clues are there, i later realized. a man's fate is his character. you always have to show off and tell us what you know, carl said. i'll be in washington next week i say. i have an interview, i have to close of peace. you promised me, you said you would stay away from washington state. you sat right here and said you would not go to the cascades. he yells as loudly as i have ever heard him. washington, d.c. i shout back. i have the trait as well. [laughter]. >> as you are thinking about that, i would like to ask you to give us one more. there ar
not to mess with texas. and the classiest woman in america. miss dana perino is out in sin city to perhaps do a little bull riding and maybe some gambling for bob. hey, baby! what happens in vegas isn't going to stay there this friday night. because "the five" starts right now! ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, we are going to talk to dana in a moment. you have to wait for that. but first, get to big advice from rush limbaugh to mitt romney. >> mitt, if you want the nomination, get together with your people, and think about trying to run to the right of newt. you and newt are both guilty of flip-flops, so mitt, why not flip to fool conservatives and see what happens? you won't have to resort to tearing down an opponent. you can tear down obama. what do you think got newt where he is, mitt? what do you think got trump where he was before he pulled out? tear down obama. >> kimberly: all right. there are fighting words perhaps. perhaps good advice. we go to the person that is the biggest man crush alive on rush limbaugh. yes, our own eric bolling. we're very proud. >> eric: what are you trying to say?
to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam socks wrapped around them. after the fruit came you'd get a series of phone calls, can i demand a refund from the ups man, are you sure, can you write down what time it came? >> you have been carrying around this story all your life, what happened, why turn it into a book? >> it was a huge decision. it came completely. so many of us carry around this sibling thing in the attic thing. it came to me because something happened in our life which transformed our relationship. it was huge for me and huge for him. we learned how to become a team. and we had, my brother had a crisis and wrote me a letter about it, kind of a stunning letter that came like a time bomb, when he was quite young, barely 50 that he had a rare form of non smo
in texas, new mexico, and oklahoma. if you are from those areas, certainly try to spend some time with him. vice president of operations. oliver is out of the south central region, and as much of his work in texas also. we have wr smallmolares. he is community relations manager for the business we do at houston independent school district. i have to tell you, my work is in community relations, and we have three account level managers, and all of them are latino. it was not planned that way, but really nice that it worked out that way. i work closely with them. is mike in the room? markets here. mark of director of business development. he is covering texas, california, colorado, nevada and arizona. very glad we have colleagues over on this side of the country that could be here with us. we want to thank alas for giving us the opportunity to be involved with this conference. i have to tell you, he was absolutely right about windy. she is a hard sell, but i'm glad she is because of allows us to of the particition with the organization. thank you. [applause] last but not least i want to thank
texas and i think her daughter. there were some cell phones being plugged in on the floor because there was no furniture. so he's just starting up. when you look at ad spending, gingrich has spent only $233,000 so far. rick perry and his supporters, his superpac, have spent $5 million, yet perry's in single digits. does money matter? does organization matter? is gingrich just flowing above the frey and able to reach down and inspire people or excite people without spending the money and having an organization? >> well, it's a little too early to tell if we're in a new normal when it comes to retail level campaign during the caucuses. but one thing that you always need to be successful, it's the three ms. money, a message, motivating voters and the mechanics of an operation. no question right now newt gingrich has a message that is resonating, he's starting to raise money now that he's running ads and hiring staff in iowa. but by the campaign's own admission they're camping up when it comes to mechanics. here's where the mechanics in iowa are so important. we have 774 precincts spr
a few exceptions. rain possible in south texas. also in florida. but it's where we're seeing the white. we could see several inches of snow. but only in a few locations. most of the spots here in white just going to pick up a dusting. it's going to be places like buffalo, new york and niagara false. could see maybe 5, 6, 8 inches of snow. and watertown, new york could see a foot of snow on the ground. so it's going to be that lake-effect snow. big reason for that, that cold air moving over the lakes picks up that relatively warmer water, that moisture from the warmer water and dumps a whole bunch of snow. mild in the south, still a few lingering snow showers coming off the great lakes. this is more representative of what we're expecting. the snow is only on one side. that's an indication we're talking about lake-effect snow. picking up that moisture and dropping it on the far side of the lake from where the wind is coming from. down right cold on saturday. upper 20s for highs in minneapolis and chicago. so very chilly. a few showers still in florida and southern texas on sunday. anothe
and south texas. bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild unmost other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >> well people who have nice big driveways and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a sparking space inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i have didn't. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks in new york. situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an invesinvestn'tment -- investment. >> park is tough. it requires skichll. >> yes. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it
playoffs. because the l.a. angels just bought themselves two key components to compete with texas in the a.l. west. the prized free agent in the major leagues albert pew "local on the 8s" agrees to a 454 contract with the angels. he is coming off his second world series champion. now the machine goes to the american league will he can play first base and d.h. when he gets older. and the angels added starting pitcher c.j. wilson. wilson helped texas reach the world series the last two seasons, but he is a southern california native and the angels out bid both the rangers and miami marlins. >>> both nba owners and players ratified the new collective bargains agreement today. the feeding frenzy officially begins tomorrow. and today, several sources report that the l.a. lakers will get all star point guard chris paul from new orleans in a three team trade. the lakers are reportedly send lag march odom to the jorge meants and paul gasol to houston. the rockets send three players to new orleans. >> and the sharks host the dallas stars tonight. the last time they met they had several fights. in
coast has mostly clear skies and showers are heading into texas. later today, cold air spreads through the midwest, up to a foot of lake-effect snow expected to hit the great lakes region. sunny skies and mild temperatures in the southeast. >>> in sports, ben roethlisberger plays through the pain to lead pittsburgh over cleveland. in the second quarter, scott paxson comes down hard on roethlisberger's ankle. x-rays come up negative, so big ben comes back in the fourth and tosses a strike to antonio brown who scampers 9 yar79 yards for touchdown. steelers over the colts. >>> jim irsay said last night he does not see a glimmer of hope that quarterback peyton manning will return this season. manning had surgery on his neck in september. without their all-star quarterback, the colts are now 0-12. >>> a seismic shift in baseball this morning. hometown hero albert pujols is leaving st. louis and going to los angeles. the three-time national league mvp signed a ten-year contract with the angels worth $254 million. that's the second highest in major league history. pujols spent 11 years with t
la billetera en las reuniones invernales que se llevan a cabo en dallas...texas... --que tal le saluda ramon diaz y esto es domina la accion l primera base dominicano albert pujols le llego la navidad temprano al acordar contrato por diez aÑos y 250 millones de dolares con el equipo del sur de california.. los cardenales de san luis le ofrecian 220 millones de dolares... 20 mas que los marlins... pero por lo visto.. pujols se fue con el mejor postor... ---pero no fue el unico que los angelinos se llevaron ... tambien contrataron al pitcher cj wilson de los rangers de texas campeones de la liga americana... el zurdo de 31 aÑos de edad pacto un contrato por 5 temporadas y 77 millones y medio de dolares.... en solo este dia... los angelinos desembolsaro n 325 millones de dolares.... ---esta noche se juegan los primeros 90 minutos de la gran final del torneo apertura del futbol mexicano.... los guerreros de santos laguna dirigidos por el maestro benjamin galindo... cuentan con la mejor ofensiva luego de anotar 29 goles en la fase regular y 8 en lo que va de la liguilla... por su p
texas. and in the pacific northwest, a fifth-straight day of unhealthy air quality. >> an arctic blast in the middle of the country sends temperatures plunging into the teens and 20s, from fargo to chicago. the rest of the midsection hovering in the 30s. expect 50s and 60s along the south. 40s on the east coast. >>> we're tracking a developing story. police confront anti-wall street demonstrators in another city overnight. we'll have an update. >>> and a model maimed by a plane's propeller sees herself for the first time. >>> and big business, with one worse in an the next. yep, those corny christmas sweaters. coming up. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. woo-hoo! [ together ] it's an unbelievable deal. well, gotta go. but wait -- there's more... [ female announcer ] go to the website below today and get high speed internet for the unbelievably low price of just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all
on strong same store global revenue. costco fell on disappointing earnings. watch texas instruments today. after hours, ti cut its quarterly outlook and warned of low demand. wells fargo is paying $148 million to settle claims it overcharged on state and local government investments. >>> all right. the time has come. finally, coca-cola has moved its secret formula for the first time since 1925, this from a bank vault to a new exhibit at the company's downtown atlanta museum. but there's a catch. the 1886 formula itself remains hidden from view. so you're just going to have to wait. >>> coming up, albert says so long to st. louis. the nba says no way. and a very embarrassing moment at baseball's winter meetings. plus, big ben takes a licking but comes back to lead the steelers to victory. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. the droid razr by motorola. the newest droid armed with motocast. granting you wireless access to files on your home computer from almost anywhere. 4g lte equipped to pull pictures, music, and movies. all at mind-melting s
by state. texas governor rick perry meanwhile, polling in the single digits trying to revive his campaign before the iowa caucuses. he links both newt gingrich and mitt romney to president obama. >> we don't want government mandated health care. yet, newt gingrich supports it and mitt romney, he put it in the law in massachusetts. worse, barack obama forced it on the entire nation. rick perry, he'll repeal it starting day one. >> i won't let the big government liberals ruin this country. i'm rick perry. i'm an outsider who will repeal obama care, and i approve this message. >> outsider is your key word there. donald trump's debate scheduled for december 27th may end up being an intimate affair. rick perry, michele bachmann, the latest gop contenders saying they won't attend, newt gingrich and rick santorum confirm they'll be there. even those two should reconsider, some say. >> we appreciate what mr. trump has done. but if you're still talking about potentially running as an independent candidate, i think that's a problem. there will be malpractice from me as an rnc chairman not to believ
my journey across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insuranance. >>>>> social media played a big role in getting the word out about the shooting yesterday. >> the school sent out the first alert at 7:00 p.m. and that alert -- at 12:37 p.m.. the alert was posted on twitter and a posted photographs on facebook. >>> over at penn state the wife of the accused child molester jury sandusky says her husband is innocent. dotty sandusky is talking about the charges for the first time after lawyers claimed she knew her husband was assaulting children in her palm. she called the accusations absolutely false -- false. he is accused of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. >>> police in alexandria are looking for who ever tried to attack a woman last night. it happened around 9:00 p.m. on east maple street. the woman told pol
1994. ntsb says the site will make it difficult to recover bodies. >>> police in texas say two children shot by their mother in a welfare office have died. they say rochelle grimmer shot them during a 7-hour stand off with police earlier this week. she then took her life. the 12-year-old girl and 10- year-old boy died at a san antonio hospital. their mother went to the office about being denied food stamps. >>> controversial video surfaces showing dominique strauss-kahn minutes after an alleged sexual assault in a new york hotel. the video aired on french tv and shows the former head of the international monetary fund casually leaving the hotel in new york. another clip those shows his accuser a maid appearing to act out the attack to coworkers. and there is a third clip showing two workers celebrating. strauss-kahn's lawyers says itprovence he was too casual to committed a crime the maid attorney says she is reenacting the attack. new york prosecutors dropped charges after losing confidence in the victim's story. >>> if you want to quit smoking, the task is tougher in american. accordi
that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. presidential race, mitt romney took the high road today at a town meeting in cedar rapids, iowa. he declined to criticize newt gingrich. just yesterday, romney's supporters began running an attack ad that called gingrich untrustworthy. three weeks before the caucuses, romney is running second in iowa. gingrich leads with 31%, romney is in a virtual tie with ron paul at 17% and 16%. paul doesn't get a lot of attention in the media, so we asked dean reynolds to catch up with the texas congressman. >> there's no doubt in my mind that the bigger the government is, the smaller your liberties are. >> reporter: ron paul is 76 years old, think it is civil war was a mistake, that the i.r.s. should be abolished, and that the u.s. should withdraw from much of the world, leaving allies like israel to fend for t
in wisconsin telling local officials in texas to take down their nativity scene. you will want to hear the texas response as this case hits "kelly's court." ng quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. [ woman ] lower cholesterol. [ man 2 ] yummy. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste and whole gin oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. megyn: a fox news alert. the national labor relations board dropped its complaint against boeing over the plane maker's decision to put a plant in south carolina. the union complained about the project not being located in state, but in a right to work state in south carolina. but now there is a new contract th
could, >> he is a freshman from texas. he is an attorney. >> i understand there is no room right now, but we will consider the request in just a minute. as much as i would like to have a texas colleague up at the podium. >> you have a few, but he is not one. >> we certainly appreciate his expertise on the subject. let's wait until we have room and we will take it up at that point. >> the gentleman from virginia, mr. scott, is recognized for an opening statement. >> i join my colleagues in welcoming the attorney general this morning. i understand nivea -- the invitation to the attorney general to his pacifically reference gun trafficking in the southwest border. we have the opportunity to discuss with him the positive steps we must take to protect our citizens from illegal firearms. i am heartened that he recognizes the smartest and most effective way to protect ourselves from crime is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. with respect to preventing firearm violence, there are steps we can take to reduce the total of injured and murdered. there are steps we must take in ord
construction of an oil pipeline from canada down to texas, but president obama does not support that. >> the keystone pipeline project will create tens of thousands of jobs immediately. >> however many jobs might be generated by a keystone pipeline, they're going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut. >> if congress does not strike a deal by december 31st, more than 150 million americans will lose out on the tax break. >>> to hawaii now and an incredible show from mother nature. hot la va from a volcano is sparking small fires and consuming everything in the path. look at that. the molten rock is coming straight down into an a bon donned neighborhood. the air -- abandoned neighborhood. the area is closed off. you can see it from the air. the lava is expected to make its way down to the ocean where it turns into stone. >> maybe that's why it's a vacant area. >> that would be. >> what flows downhill, lava. >>> another bright weekend. we talked about the winds last night. the only thing that upset me about today was the winds. check this out.
to texas. >> the keystone pipeline project will create tens of thousands of jobs immediately. it has bipartisan support in the house and senate. >> president obama has promised a veto if the pipeline provision is attached. however many jobs might be generated by a keystone pipeline, there will be a lot fewer than the jobs created by extending the payroll tax cut and extent of one insurance. >> the payroll tax is currently at 4.2%. it would jump to 6.2% on january 1 if congress does not act. >> thank you. drivers beware. another speed camera is going up along the beltway. state highway officials say starting to it -- tuesday, the highway administration will begin operating the camera at the -- wrote as a peer drivers will have a three-week grace period where they will receive a warning. after that, and when traveling 12 miles or more over the posted 55 will be mailed a fine. coming up, why breast cancer survivors may want to cut back on such foods pure glass, the deadline has come and gone, but the occupy protesters remain in boston during the latest on efforts to get them to move out
the allegations. >>> texas police have a new weapon to battle drug dealers and smugglers along the border, arlorred gun boats. this fleet of patrol boats will be used along rio grandand lakes. it comes equipped with four machine gun turrets and night vision cameras. we're just getting started for you. a lot more to tackle in the next two hours, including this. >>> he disappeared in iran almost five years ago. now video surfaces of this retired fbi agent who is asking the u.s. to save his life before it's too late. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> dozens of paivts are dead after flames rip through a hospital. and some staff members now charged with leaving them to die. sara sidner joins me live. >>> there's something wrong in this country when wigays can see openly in the military but our kids can't openly pray in school or celebrate christmas. >> rick perry under fire accusing president obama from waging wash on religion. >>> an emotional story of a veteran's biggest battle. >> there was a lot of partying going on, aloft drugs. >> as thousands of troops get ready to come home, a b
will get six to ten inches of snow. that's the arctic blast. we have rain in east texas and toward, probably florida. south florida gets showers today. >> more from sam, coming up. >>> he wanted me to tell you that this holiday season, the present you might not have appreciated in the past is more likely than ever to be under your tree. abc's david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: for the mannheim steamroller crowd, the christmas sweater has long been a fashion must. >> hi. >> reporter: like david beckham? reindeer cardigans must be cool. if victoria lets him wear that in public. clark w. griswold and bridget jones would be happy to note, the ugly sweater has come back in a big way. on "modern family" this week, cam sported a snowman sweater vest. >> it's my christmas sweater. >> reporter: in thrift stores, they're in short supply. >> can't get enough of them. they fly out the door. >> reporter: amazing. anne blackman is sort of the martha stewart of ugly sweaters. i enjoy making these. i enjoy crafting. >> reporter: buying up every ugly sweater she can find and making them u
on strong same story global revenue. costco fell on disappointing earnings. watch texas instruments today. after hours, ti cut quarterly outlook. wells fargo is paying $148 million to settle claims it overcharged on state and local government investments. and finally, coca-cola moved its secret formula for the first time since 1925, from a bank vault to a new exhibit at the company's downtown atlanta museum. but the 1886 formula itself remains hidden from view. so, you're out of luck there. >>> coming up, albert says so long to st. louis. the nba says no way. and a very embarrassing moment at baseball's winter meetings. plus, big ben takes a licking but comes back to lead the steelers to a victory. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> and the weekend forecast is looking great. chillier than we'd like but overall no travel trouble. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sports, quite simply the los angeles angels spent more money in a day than any team has in the history of base
'll veto the pipeline from canada to texas. the payroll tax credit has given americans additional bucks in their paychecks this year. >>> top. >> only 45 today for the high. but at least it was dry. temps falling now. here is your wakeup weather. grab your coat and sunglasses. 28-38 by 5:00. 26-36 by 7:00 and still in the 30s by 9:00. we'll come back and talk about yet another cold front rolling through tomorrow and what that does to our weekend. >>> women need stronger warnings about blood clot risks and certain birth control. what an fda panel says today about these pills. that is coming up. >>> but first jerry sandusky's wife speaks out for the first time. the latest on the child sex abuse allegations the expense state coach is still facing. stay with us. >>> hello, i'm chris brown lord 8 second airborne division in afghanistan. i would like to wish a happy holiday to my wonderful children carter, benjamin, cameron and my wonderful wife alicia. happy holidays. >>> new tonight, the wife of expense state coach jerry sandusky says her husband is innocent. now, this is the first time dot
of sunshine along the west coast. showers down in through texas, southern florida, see hit or miss showers, as well. chilly in the east. more seasonal conditions. sunshine along the southeastern atlantic coast, as well. >> good morning. it should be a typical december day. a mixture of sun and clouds. the average high temperature is in the upper 40's. and that's your latest weather. and now, here is va vana. >> al, thanks. >>> this morning on today's real estate, what you can get for $100,000 or less. and you might be surprised at how much home that will buy you. today contributor barbara corpin scoured the country for great deals. i can't wait to see what you have here. >> cheap houses today. >> dayton, ohio. what have we got? >> it's quite a pretty down. it has a lot of jobs there pup not only get a great house, but you can have a job that goes with it. the wright brothers grew up there and most of the jobs are in the aerospace and savation business. there's a popular craftsman style house. there are a lot of this type of house in dayton, ohio. i like the welcoming l-shaped porch out fro
hes of snow to blanket the great lakes. showers in south florida and south texas. a fifth straight day of bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild in most other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >>> well, people who have nice big address and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a parking space that's just inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i've done it. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks' cars in new york. just for a situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an investment. >> parallel parking is tough. it requires skill. >> yes. ♪ my heartbeat faster
makers cut their outlook for the rest of the year. both texas instruments and altera shaved their financial guidance, thanks to lower demand. during the regular session, t-x-n fell 2.5% to just below $30 per share. the stock fell another 6% after the close. altera shares were down 2.5% before the news, and dropped another 4.5% in after-hours trading. there was another deal in the world of cloud computing. "big blue", ibm, will buy demand-tec, which sells software services to retailers that analyzes prices. it is a $440 million deal. ibm dropped a little more than 1%. demand-tec shot up 55%, closing a nickel below the purchase price of $13.20 per share. an f.d.a. panel approval for an anemia drug sent shares of affymax soaring, up 36%. volume jumped 20-fold. it goes to a full regulatory review in march. in commodities, oil dropped below $100, falling 2% to $98 and change per barrel. that's its biggest loss in two weeks. metal prices also fell with traders pointing to anxiety over europe. gold and copper fell more than 1.5% each. with the european central bank not buying bonds
, i see you. we have somebody from pittsburg. who else? texas. yay, ok. who else? what other states are represented? oregon. where is maria? maria is from oregon, right? oh, washington state, sorry. who else? ok, good old california. san francisco, daly city, concord, danville, oakland, vallejo, san diego. oh, we have the honorable arlee from san diego. come on, thank you. who else? hercules, california, yay. you know, this evening is really the mayor's reception, the san francisco bay area mayor's reception. did you know that there are three women members of fwn and honorees of the 100 most influential filipino women are mayors in the san francisco bay area? yay. i want to call up here -- come on up here, mayor of hercules, california. she was in the summit in 2006. do you want to tell the story ? >> congratulations to the 100 most influential filipino women. i attended first in 2006. and i was a planning commissioner then and i wanted to quit politics. i hated politics. but the summit inspired me. and merilee kept saying we needed more women in visible and a mainstream positions i
what, besides new york, besides florida, texas, california is next. 25% of the population of kids will be latino. we have to get an agenda forward. we have to make sure we're filling the gaps. that is what we've been doing here in san francisco. that is why i have loved working for carlos, in my education adviser is the school board president and works as have my office. county is that? the school board president right next to you, because any other programs that are rolling out every other month --. -- how neat is that? the most exciting days i have is when i can get to the classroom in see the kids in gauge with their teachers and know they are getting agitated. the00- they are getting educated. do you know about the million dollar club? that is the difference between the kids that graduate from high school looking for a job, and the child goes all the way to college. it is a million-dollar difference in their career at how much they can earn. do you want to join the million- dollar club? what is san francisco doing about it? we're supporting every new initiative weekend find to
. there is historical data, it generally for the last five years or more, presented in tables and also in texas. and a discussion of your capital program. what are the sfmta needs, especially someone project, and the debt. the official statement is a comprehensive story of the sfmta for investors, but you will note it is focused a little bit more or a little bit heavily on the risks flood. bondholders ask the question, what could go wrong, and if that goes wrong, where would that lead us? and those are questions that we need to address as part of your offering document. the offering document also has information on the bond ratings, assisting in the financing. we will have the financial statements, some general city operations, and it will also describe the undertakings that the sfmta makes to provide ongoing disclosure to the public markets about the sfmta. so many close with the take away, which is what u.s. commissioners should be doing with the preliminary official statement in your packet. first of all, you should review the draft. you should look at it, and if you have concerns about eith
. today those alerts reach the campus community within minutes. virginia, texas, washington state, and pennsylvania have mandated such a system. you can see the report released after the mass shootings four years ago on anne arundel school teacher remains in custody tonight -- the allegedly had sexual relations with three students vote on and off campus. jeffrey sears has been an english teacher and boys' basketball coach at the school since 2006. school officials are working with police to ensure the safety of the students. >> when the first allegation against mr. sears arose, we immediately rem -- remove him from the classroom and placed him in a position where he had absolutely no contact with children. >> school officials have sent home letters to parents, and counselors are on hand to help students. sears is being held on $3 million bail. experts taught sex abuse victims also suffer long-term damaging effects. shelton dutes joins us with more on the story. >> the lingering effects of sexual abuse can manifest themselves and destructive behaviors as adults. even if
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